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RESTORE | Calming and Balancing Hydration for Oily Skin

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  • Non-greasy formula helps skin balance oil production using natural amino acids

  • Clinically shown to reduce new breakouts within 8 weeks

  • Refreshing lemon oil aids in brightening skin tone

  • The neem leaf extract works overtime to heal and hydrate skin

  • Renews skin and diminishes old acne scars

Product Description:

Have you ever wondered, "what does acne prone mean" or "what is blemish prone skin"? Do you question why your skin blemishes easily or breaks out with a single ounce of stress?

There are so many triggers and causes for breakouts: stress, bacteria, over-active oil ducts, changes in hormones (hello teenage years, pregnancy and postpartum!), or even lack of exfoliating can bring about blemishes. While you may not have control of your hormones, you can try an amazing hydrating gel by Organic Apoteke® with active botanicals proven to reduce new blemishes!

The compounding effects of the anti-bacterial neem leaf extract, oil-balancing arginine from the wheat germ plant, and antioxidant rich lemon oil provide a gentle clearing of blemishes while soothing inflammation and evening out your complexion. 

If you're looking for an easy way to be consistent in healing your skin, check out our Restoration Trio - a 3-step solution for clear and radiant skin!


50ml / 1.7oz

Perfect For:

  • Blemish Prone Skin

  • Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

  • Hormonal Skin - Adolescence, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

How to Use:

  1. Gently scrub away make-up, sweat, and excess oil from your face with a pore-refining cleanser.

  2. Apply hydrating gel onto face and neck using light pressure from the pads of your fingers.

  1. Wash your face as normal.

  2. 1-2 times per week, enhance the restoration of your skin with a dead sea mud facial mask to extract other impurities.

  3. Apply a liberal amount of skin stimulating moisturizer for overnight nourishment of your skin.



witch hazel water*, sunflower seed oil*, coconut oil*, shea butter*, lemon oil*, glycerin (vegetable)**, grapefruit seed extract*, xanthan gum**, pineapple fruit extract*, papaya fruit extract*, sweet orange oil*, neem leaf extract*, potassium sorbate**, sodium benzoate*, sodium dehydroacetate, sorbic acid, wheat germ oil*, arginine**, citric acid**


* certified organic

** derived from natural source

95.4% of ingredients from organic farming  

98% of ingredients of natural origin