Book an Organic Apoteke® Facial

Find a licensed esthetician in your area to book a service with Organic Apoteke® Salon Prescriptives professional strength products for an intense, beautiful, youthful, and healthy glow!

Facial Acupuncture/Acupressure Tools

Which facial is best for glowing skin? Well, we recommend speaking with an esthetician you trust to make your final decision, but it depends on your skin type. For those with normal to dry skin looking for anti-aging benefits, we say you should go with the Rejuvenating Facial by Organic Apoteke while those with acne-prone or oily skin should choose the Prana Detox Facial. Some estheticians and spas may have re-named these facials, so be sure to ask if you don't see it on their services menu!

Also, consider adding on the Dermal Renewal Facial -- the chemical-free alternative to chemical peel -- that will really leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth! If you're dealing with facial keratosis, this treatment is for you! It can be performed every 2 weeks for maximum effect, but is recommended as a monthly treatment with your esthi-bestie! 


If you don't see an esthetician near your area and have one in mind that you'd like to go to, send us their information! We would love to get in contact and train them up with Organic Apoteke to start providing the best natural and organic facials you can find!  

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