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First, A Quick Confession...

If you’re anything like me, a facial skincare routine is the last thing on your mind.

Working alongside my loving husband in raising four beautiful daughters and running our home and businesses, as well as investing in the relationships God entrusted to me is about all I can manage.

So naturally, a skincare routine is so far back on my list of priorities that it’s typically not even on my radar. 

When does a skincare routine come to the forefront of my mind? When I walk to the mirror and the first thing my eyes are blessed to see in the morning is a new acne breakout. Or when my makeup doesn’t even cover my extremely dry skin.

That’s when I start to consider whether it’s time to invest in a new skincare routine. 

Can you relate?

Your Face Deserves More Credit

"After using the rejuvenating line for a few weeks, I can tell a difference in how my skin looks and feels! This is the skin care line I've been searching for over the last 30 years! It's effective and even better, it's natural!"

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The Rejuvenating Face Mask is absolutely my favorite skin care product! This mask feels refreshing and gives my skin a youthful glow without the harsh side effects that so many products have.

Heather M.

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Where to Start

Here's the question of the day:

How do you pick the right skincare line when the market seems oversaturated with promises of miracles at every turn?

Start with the three simple questions I asked myself when I started down this rabbit hole: 

Is It Natural?

When was the last time you invested in a face wash whose prized active ingredients were fruits you could readily buy at your local produce aisle? 

The ingredients you place on your skin should be just as natural, organic, and recognizable as the ingredients you place on your dinner plate. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and is designed to absorb everything it comes in contact with -- including the chemicals or unnatural additives you’ll find in typical drugstore products. 

Have you been combating acne or alternating between dry and oily skin for years with heavily medicated skincare products and no results? There’s a simpler answer for you. 

Your skin is craving the chance for your body’s natural healing mechanisms to stop being suppressed by chemicals and additives and instead be stimulated by natural, chemical-free and alcohol-free ingredients. 

Stop reaching for those so-called miracle solutions such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and let fresh ingredients like papaya and pineapple extract do what they do best.

Is It Ethical?

The beauty industry was founded on a variety of unethical practices to fast track the testing process and rush products to shelves. It is all too easy to turn a blind eye to brands who may be more concerned about profits than your health or the environment.

Have you ever heard of microbeads? These tiny plastic pellets used to be a cost-effective way for skincare companies to provide an exfoliating face wash. It wasn’t until years later when researchers found high concentrations of microbeads in the intestinal tracts of fish that they finally put a stop to this practice back in 2015. 

When you search for a facial skincare line that is both ethical and sustainable, you’ll realize the number of reputable companies is much smaller than you may think. 

To find a facial skincare routine with products that are: 

PETA Approved

cruelty free

certified organic


toxin free

is, quite frankly, a challenge to say the least. The companies that invest their time, money, and energy into pursuing these badges are well worth the investment. They’re the ones that truly care about you.

Is It Safe?

Let’s go back to those plastic beads commonly found in facewash for a moment. 

Think about what the products using these microbeads are encouraging you to do. 

They’re telling you it is safe to rub plastic into the pores of your face in the name of exfoliation. 

Is exfoliation inherently bad? 

Not at all. 

Has plastic been proven to have adverse effects on the human body? 


Let’s take a step back from the pretty packaging and marketing tactics of companies who are trying to convince you that plastics, parabens, and other known hormone disruptors are safe to use. Instead, let's trust the brands that are sticking with ingredients you’d feel safe letting your kids handle.