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Agave Soap Sack

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Agave Soap Sack 

This soap sack is made from a natural and fully biodegradable fiber sourced from the agave sisalana plant, native to Mexico. Softer than a loofah, the sisal soap sack is perfect for mild exfoliation suitable for the whole body.

Place one bar of soap in the sack to exfoliate and clean your skin at the same time.  Hang the sack up on a shower hook, to keep your soap dry and lasting longer.

Pairs Well With: Nourishing Bar Soaps



As it's a natural material, agave needs to remain dry between uses to extend its life. Replace every 2-4 months or sanitize by emptying the bag, washing in the washing machine or top rack of the dishwasher, or dipping in vinegar or boiling water.